Planning your company’s changing security needs can be very tricky. Flexibility is vital as vehicles and visitors, employees and managers all require different levels of access control, and changes occur on a daily basis.

In addition, you need to keep track of who’s been in the building, and which of your staff currently hold keys to mechanical locks. You may also need to co-ordinate differing security levels during building projects.

And how do you handle the changing security needs as your organisation expands?


The answer lies in a comprehensive and intelligent access control system. It allows you to co-ordinate all access rights flexibly from a central location, in one easy process, or to delegate the job to different locations.


We can assist with access control systems, or restricted master key

systems, each designed to meet your budget.


We have expertise to work on all entry systems, no matter the

size, and either , electronic, bio-metric or proximity.

  • Lock Changes and Repairs

  • Entry Gained

  • Non Destructive Entry

  • One Key Systems

  • Safe Opening

  • 3 Star Security

  • Upgrades

  • Master Key System

  • Single Key Systems

  • Access Control Systems

  • Security Upgrades

  • Repossession Work

  • Lock advice

  • Security checks

  • Which lock is right for you

  • Break-in repairs


  • Master Key System

  • Single Key Systems

  • Restricted Systems

  • Semi-Restricted Systems

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