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Regular maintenance can help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of a breakdown, or a locked safe.

Our prices start at just £95, and in addition to servicing the safe, we will also assess its condition, and furnish you with a report which will also inform you if further work is required.



We can open most safes on the market, but if we come across one that we cant do we will happily assist in finding the right person for the job through our network of safe contacts. When opening safes we would look to use picking or manipulation methods if possible to minimise damage and allow the continual use of the safe.


Some times safes need just a little maintenance and T L C, and In our experience the most common problems experienced with safes problems, resulting in a call out, could be avoided by routine maintenance and include:
  • Integral fault within the safes door or lock.

  • Lost or misplaced keys.

  • A snapped key or part of the key has broken off in the safes lock.

  • The detachable part of the safe key is missing or has come off in the safe.

  • The key will not go into the safe.

  • The key goes into the safe but does not turn or only turns so far.

  • The safe key is difficult to turn.

  • Lost safe codes or combinations.

  • The safes electronic lock has locked the user out.

  • The safe batteries are flat.

  • Something inside the safe is jamming the operation.

  • The door closes but the bolts will not throw.

  • The door will not close or is binding.

  • An underfloor safe and lock has seized.



We offer lock replacement and upgrades for most safe. we can convert a key lock to a digital lock, on most safes found in the UK.

Call us today to discuss your specific safe lock replacement and upgrade requirements whether for commercial or private needs.



We can supply most safes to meet your insurance cover needs, and advise you on the best safe for your needs.
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