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After over 16 years in the business we have put together a list of the different types of locks currently available.

So you can make  you own mind up.

For more information please drop us a line for our honest opinion.


1 or 3 star fully restricted lock, come in a range of colours and can be made to any size or fit almost any lock. can be keyed alike and master keyed.

The EPS Cylinder is manufactured in a modular or compact design. Mixed systems are also possible. It has technical features which protect against different break-in techniques:

  • Picking protection

  • Drilling protection

  • Plug pulling protection

  • Picking protection 

 EPS locking cylinders comply with EN 1303:2005 in lock security class 6 and attack resistance class 2.
They are suitable for EI 30 and E 30 fire and smoke control doors as standard.

EPS is thus optimally suited for use in the highest category, resistance class 6.

ABS lock
  • Achieved BS EN 1303: 2005, BS 3621:2007, PAS 24 2007, TS007:2012 - 3 Star Rating

  • 3 Star British Kitemark

  • Anti Snap

  • Anti-drill, Anti-pick & Anti-bump

  • Secured By Design - Police Preferred Specification

  • Secure Key Registering

  • 8 Pins + 1 Magnetic

  • Sold Secure Diamond Grade SS312

  • Corrosion Resistance:  BS EN1670:2007

  • Replaces Existing Euro Cylinder Locks Vulnerable To Lock Snapping Attacks

  • Suitable For UPVC, Timber & Composite Doors

  • Supplied with 3 Keys as standard (Extra Keys Available)


British Standard Kitemarked high security 3 Star cylinders. Tested & approved to the latest B.S TS007: 2012 3 Star Rating.The Maxus 3 Star Cylinder has been developed to protect the increasing number of homes under threat from burglars now employing new attack methods easily learned with a few clicks on a computer.

  • Supplied blister packed with 3 keys

  • Nickel Plated or Polished Brass finish

  • TS007: 3 Sta r Approved

  • License No. KM610951

  • Kitemarked BS EN 1303

  • Anti Bump

  • Anti Pick

  • Anti Pull

  • Anti Drill

  • Anti Snap


The ZONE range includes 1 Star cylinders with an Anti Snap Feature offering a TS 007 1 Star rating giving you protection and reassurance. The cylinders which are anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill are compliant with the BS Kitemark to guarantee quality and safety.

  • 6 pin locking mechanism

  • Supplied with 3 keys

  • BSI Kitemarked - Guarantee quality and safety.

  • Snap attack resistant

  • Drill attack resistant

  • Pick attack resistant

  • Bump resistant

  • 1 star rating meets security standard BS EN 1303:2005 TS007 2012

  • Can also be keyed alike and semi restricted


Mul-T-Locks new TS007 3 Star Integrator cylinder, it has just landed and is the NEW pumped up version from the old Mul-T-Lock XP cylinder.

The new Mul-T-Lock TS007 3 Star Integrator cylinder comes with a reinforced bar that furthers the cylinders protection and resistance to lock snapping. It's also got 2 grip deflectors that further it's resistance to snapping as they make it difficult for grips to grab the cylinder and attempt to snap. As a bonus the keys are on a protected system so they can't be copied unless you have the code card which is great if you're worried about people copying your keys.

We can also key alike and master key this product to all of the Mul-T-Lock Integrator products for example rim cylinders, doubles and thumbs.

Mul-T-Lock Garrison Break Secure

  • British Standard TS007 3 Star Rated.

  • Sold Secure Diamond.

  • 11 pins with a possible 294,000 key combinations.

  • 20 hardened steel anti-drill pins.

  • £1,000 lock snapping guarantee.

  • Anti pick, anti snap, anti bump, anti drill, anti intruder!


  • Any attempt at forced entry will immediately see the Ultion go into ‘Lockdown Mode’ where a protected attack lock activates directly into the central cam, something you won’t get with any instant access lock.

Yales Superior


  • TS007 1 Star Kite marked high security euro cylinder

  • Accredited to BSEN 1303:2005

  • Secure-By-Design approved (to TS007 1*)


  • Advanced pin tumbler technology

  • Anti-bump, Anti-drill and Anti-pick

  • Superior physical strength

  • 10 year guarantee

  • Nickel and brass finishes available

  • Available in Single, Double, Paired alike and Thumb turn

  • High security dimple cut blade key

ERA Fortress Euro

ERA Fortress 3 Star Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Upvc Door Lock TS007

The ERA Fortress 3 Star Door Cylinder has been especially designed to offer maximum protection to your home. Its high performance euro profile locking cylinder has six hardened security pins for superior anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-bump resistance and is independently tested to ensure that it meets latest security standards.

This cylinder currently holds British Standard Kitemark KM553031(TS007 3*), Sold Secure Diamond and Secured By Design accreditation. It is also TS007 approved.


~ Anti-Snap, Anti-Bump & Anti-Pick

~ TS007 2014 3 star approved

~ Meets British Standards BS EN 1303:2005

~ BS Kitemark KM553031

~ Meets PAS 024 as part of a compliant door

~ Over 80,000 combinations for maximum key security

~ Endurance tested in excess of 100,000 cycles

~ Excellent resistance to forced entry

~ Security pins prevent unlawful access

~ Approved by Sold Secure Diamond

~ Secured By Design

Cheap euro
  • 6 pin BS euro profile cylinder lock.

  • Budget priced BS euro lock 35/50 size replaces all 5 and 6 pin euro profile locks.

  • Can be keyed-alike to other DL11 Euro Lock Cylinder BS 6 Pin locks.

  • 3 keys supplied per single cylinder. Please note only 3 keys supplied per set for keyed-alike.

  • these locks give little on no security and do not meet current insurance standards.

  • they are cheap but you are wasting your money

Fortress Lock

5 Lever British Standard Deadlock  and sash locks fits the same footprint as many first fit products for a simple retro fit. These locks conform to BS3621:2007 and BS EN 1634-1 for Insurance Approval. Anti-saw drill and pick with a 20mm bolt.

The Fortress range fully complies with both the European (BS EN 12209) and British (BS3621) standards. Further recommendation from the police-endorsed Secured by Design programme guarantees insurance companies exacting criteria is not only met but exceeded.

5 Lever with hardened steel plates or roller bolts are fitted to defend against drilling and two hardened rollers in the deadlock to resist hacksawing. Supplied with striker fixings and 2 keys

Secured By Design

The standard is characterised by a 3 star rating system, and can be achieved by combining a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star security door furniture or using a stand alone 3 star cylinder . The ERA Fortress series cylinder is approved to TS007 3 stars and *does not require* any additional security furniture.

Sold Secure

Anti-Snap TS007-3Star   


The ability to prevent entry by the popular lock snapping method.  It is latest British Standard test to include resistance to lock snapping and bump key attack. Cylinders will be marked with the Kite-Mark with three stars above. The cylinder and handle package must total at least 3 stars. 3 star awarded cylinders meet the BS requirement when used with your existing standard handles - 1 star awarded cylinders must be used in conjunction with either a 2 star cylinder guard or 2 star handle set.

Anti-Drill  Hardened steel drill protection in cylinder to resist entry by drilling.

Pick Resistance Tight tolerances and anti-pick components that make picking difficult.

Anti-Bump Special component included to prevent entry by the bump key method.

Anti Pull  Special devices to retain the core of the cylinder in the door after pull attack with slide hammer

Keyed Alike Option  The ability to order locks suited to pass the same key for ease of use.

Master Keyable  Can be supplied with Master key to open all locks - whilst still having individual keys for each lock e.g for landlords, commercial buildings, Universities, Hospitals

Key colour Options  Keys can be fitted with the manufacturers custom key fobs for ease of key identification

Key registration The ability to obtain extra keys if all keys are lost  

Key combinations  The number of different keys which can be used without repeating the same key combination

Finishes  The colour of the lock - order the finish to suit your existing door handles 

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